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Guangzhou horse flying printing products co., LTD
Guangzhou horse flying printing products co., LTD. Is a real in guangzhoupuG card manufacturers,Company is located in guangzhou city xintang new pier alkali avenue south north608No. 2,The traffic is very convenient,Factory covers an area of3000Square meters,Nearly hundred employees,Daily production capacity10All the above,Collection development,Design,Production and processing;Mainly for playing CARDS,Board game CARDS and printing and packaging business operations of the two big plate;Since2012Investing in today,Including import Heidelberg printing equipment,Automatic polishing,Card,Angle of attack and a series of tall on the finished device,No matter from the color on the quality,Feel all show industry demeanor,Excellent quality win honor for the company,At the same time for:Beautiful,China Teleco,Beijing hyundai,Mercedes Benz,Friends cartoon culture,Cool dog,Social security bureau,Tencent,NEXON,NEOPLE,Minsheng bank and other famous enterprises have good relations of cooperation。We adhering to the people-oriented,Merit...
The main products:Paper products printing and packaging;Board game card;Advertising poker;Propaganda album
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